Cinema is a powerful medium that has the power to change the world,just look at Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin.That is why even Governments are in fear of motion pictures,passion to watch films is within everyone but not all films can make us think,not just the movie but about people,art,politics and countless other things.Here in this blog i write on how a particular film has made an impact on me.I am trying to do a bit different than judging a movie by a particular rating system,there are more to movies than good and bad.Sure,there are bad movies but there are so many movies out there that are unfairly given a bad review because some people didn’t understood the movie or it is just not to their liking.If you have read through this pointless gibberish,you have probably got an idea on what this blog is all about.If you read the reviews of movies just make sure to watch the movie and please share your opinion about it.