Young Offenders Review


Director:Peter Foott



Based on the tv series of the same name,the movie follows the lives of 2 teenagers quest to change their lives by trying to find bags of cocaine floating in the coast by a capsized drug trafficking boat coming into the logic that by not being adults they won’t be seriously charged for their crime if caught.One of the teenagers being a well known bicycle thief who goes by the name “fake Billy” unknowingly steals a bike that is fitted with a gps tracker by a cop who is intended on catching the notorious “fake Billy”.

While the movie is having the typical British/Irish humor the movie has a uniquely intresting plot that makes the viewer engaged from begining to end.Based on a tv series,there is no need to be familiar with it to enjoy the movie.

Both the actors Alex Murphy and Chris Walley are exellent in their roles of being two dumb teenagers to escape their miserable lives of living with their parents.While the movie has a bit disturbing plot the movie is actually not having much of the typical crass British humor.Young Offenders is a genuinely enjoyable feel good movie that will be enjoyed by everyone.



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