Annihilation Review


Director:Alex Garland

Based on Southern Reach trilogy of novels,Annihilation is directed by Alex Garland who has proved himself to be one of the best science fiction of this generation from his last movie Ex Machina. Lena played by Natalie Portman, a biologist tasked along with 4 other women in finding out the reason behind the strange expanding anomaly of unknown origin called the “Shimmer”.

The movie takes some strange narrative choices in the first few sequences that we don’t usually see in big budget movies. Unlike Garlands last movie, in Annihilation the stakes are high,the motivation is to save the entire planet from extinction.Lena joins four other women to find the cause of this anomaly and to find out the reason behind the disappearance of soldiers sent earlier to find the cause of this anomaly.One of those soldiers is Lena’s husband.Each of the 4 female characters is interesting and is acted with conviction by all of the actresses.All of them has agreed to this suicide mission knowing it’s a one way trip,their team leader played by Jennifer Jason Leigh is a psychologist who is shown to be a emotionless woman intend on reaching the source of the anomaly aka the lighthouse.

The four women team discover that the anomaly is causing genetic mutations to everything inside the anomaly including themselves. The mutations get severe and severe as the expeditions becomes literal race against time to reach the source before they died or worse. Movie features couple of wtf moments some of them made me say ‘so that just happened’ loudly more than once.Overall i feel the movie is one solid science fiction masterpiece that will be remembered for the years to come.So it’s a real shame to see such a masterpiece going straight to streaming against the directors vision because the studios doesn’t have the confidence for a world wide release in cinemas. Highly recommend not missing out on this movie,available for streaming in Netflix. This movie certainly is meant to be experienced in a big screen and not in a 15 inch laptop screen.


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