Florida Project Review

The-Florida-Project-poster.jpg Children have been subjects of movies as long as we can remember,while movies like Children Of Heaven is set in a traditional strict Iranian background, Florida Project shows the real world scenario of children having to grow up in the rough neighbourhood of Florida,set in a small motel that are in the vicinity of Disney Land.The people living there are mostly daily wage workers,the motel is managed by a man called Bobby who is played superbly by Willem Dafoe,unlike some of his previous roles,he is shown to be a guy who genuinely cares for the people who are living in the motel.The story is about a mother trying the best she can to take care of her only daughter doing whatever job she can,even though the movie shows the rough life of the mom who is also brilliantly protrayed by new comer Bria Vinaite,the movie mainly deals with the life of her daughter Monee and how she spends her time in the boring but unpredictable life in the motel.Even though the life of the mother starts getting worse and worse every day eventually having to turn to prostitution to survive while locking the daughter inside the bathroom during that time.Even with such a rough life shown by the characters the movie is about the celebration of innocence of children and how there is good in people even in the most roughest places.Sean Baker has done an amazing job on this movie,delivering such a great movie with one of the most memorable endings i have seen in some time.Movie features a terrific cast,the child actors especially are fantastic in their roles.Huge praise for the A24 company for supporting talented Indie film makers to make movies that will put most of the hollywood movies to shame.


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