Young Offenders Review


Director:Peter Foott



Based on the tv series of the same name,the movie follows the lives of 2 teenagers quest to change their lives by trying to find bags of cocaine floating in the coast by a capsized drug trafficking boat coming into the logic that by not being adults they won’t be seriously charged for their crime if caught.One of the teenagers being a well known bicycle thief who goes by the name “fake Billy” unknowingly steals a bike that is fitted with a gps tracker by a cop who is intended on catching the notorious “fake Billy”.

While the movie is having the typical British/Irish humor the movie has a uniquely intresting plot that makes the viewer engaged from begining to end.Based on a tv series,there is no need to be familiar with it to enjoy the movie.

Both the actors Alex Murphy and Chris Walley are exellent in their roles of being two dumb teenagers to escape their miserable lives of living with their parents.While the movie has a bit disturbing plot the movie is actually not having much of the typical crass British humor.Young Offenders is a genuinely enjoyable feel good movie that will be enjoyed by everyone.



Annihilation Review


Director:Alex Garland

Based on Southern Reach trilogy of novels,Annihilation is directed by Alex Garland who has proved himself to be one of the best science fiction of this generation from his last movie Ex Machina. Lena played by Natalie Portman, a biologist tasked along with 4 other women in finding out the reason behind the strange expanding anomaly of unknown origin called the “Shimmer”.

The movie takes some strange narrative choices in the first few sequences that we don’t usually see in big budget movies. Unlike Garlands last movie, in Annihilation the stakes are high,the motivation is to save the entire planet from extinction.Lena joins four other women to find the cause of this anomaly and to find out the reason behind the disappearance of soldiers sent earlier to find the cause of this anomaly.One of those soldiers is Lena’s husband.Each of the 4 female characters is interesting and is acted with conviction by all of the actresses.All of them has agreed to this suicide mission knowing it’s a one way trip,their team leader played by Jennifer Jason Leigh is a psychologist who is shown to be a emotionless woman intend on reaching the source of the anomaly aka the lighthouse.

The four women team discover that the anomaly is causing genetic mutations to everything inside the anomaly including themselves. The mutations get severe and severe as the expeditions becomes literal race against time to reach the source before they died or worse. Movie features couple of wtf moments some of them made me say ‘so that just happened’ loudly more than once.Overall i feel the movie is one solid science fiction masterpiece that will be remembered for the years to come.So it’s a real shame to see such a masterpiece going straight to streaming against the directors vision because the studios doesn’t have the confidence for a world wide release in cinemas. Highly recommend not missing out on this movie,available for streaming in Netflix. This movie certainly is meant to be experienced in a big screen and not in a 15 inch laptop screen.

Man Bites Dog Review

man-bites-dogMan bites Dog is a movie that is one of those found footage films like that of the The Blair witch Project.But while the Blair Witch deals with supernatural horror,this movie deals with ultra violence humanity is capable of,the movie is about a charismatic but unpredictable serial killer who kills anyone who gets in his way or just for kicks for his sadistic pleasure and dumping the bodies in a nearby cliff. Documentary film makers who makes a film about the life of Ben,brilliantly portrayed by Benoit Poelvoorde,he is the sort of killer who will charm his way through any social gathering and will attract any person with his charm.

The movie introduces us to his dark side in a shocking sequence of him killing a woman in a train,then the killings starts to get more and more brutal with the documentary crew slowly starts helping him to commit the murders.The life outside of his serial killer life is shown to be that of a charismatic guy who is well loved by his parents and his friends,some of them even knew about his unpredictability and he might kill them even in the slightest of provocations yet this doesn’t stop them from remaining in his life.This i feel is a parody of real life in which people just constantly crave for attention no matter what the cost.The majority of the movie is having a dark humor and the main character is sometimes even dare i say likable when he ponders about architecture and poetry,but that is turned into disgust when he say racist things about immigrants and murder them in cold blood.

The mass media is also parodied in the movie,the movie makes fun of how the current media does more damage than good.The recently released movie Nightcrawler i feel also tackles the similar subjects and is also worth watching.The movie is shot in black and white which gives the movie feel like a 80s film than the year it was actually shot,Man bites dog i feel is a well executed film that is hard to watch,but with a lot of subtle and not so subtle messages of everything wrong with the mass media and humanity as a whole,watching it doesn’t make it any more easier to get a good night sleep knowing that people like Ben is out there in real life.

Overall while this movie doesn’t come close to movies portraying ultra violence like that of ‘A clockwork orange’,it’s still a solid piece of Modern film making that will always have a cult value for the years to come.Definitely a movie worth checking out for film fans out there.



Florida Project Review

The-Florida-Project-poster.jpg Children have been subjects of movies as long as we can remember,while movies like Children Of Heaven is set in a traditional strict Iranian background, Florida Project shows the real world scenario of children having to grow up in the rough neighbourhood of Florida,set in a small motel that are in the vicinity of Disney Land.The people living there are mostly daily wage workers,the motel is managed by a man called Bobby who is played superbly by Willem Dafoe,unlike some of his previous roles,he is shown to be a guy who genuinely cares for the people who are living in the motel.The story is about a mother trying the best she can to take care of her only daughter doing whatever job she can,even though the movie shows the rough life of the mom who is also brilliantly protrayed by new comer Bria Vinaite,the movie mainly deals with the life of her daughter Monee and how she spends her time in the boring but unpredictable life in the motel.Even though the life of the mother starts getting worse and worse every day eventually having to turn to prostitution to survive while locking the daughter inside the bathroom during that time.Even with such a rough life shown by the characters the movie is about the celebration of innocence of children and how there is good in people even in the most roughest places.Sean Baker has done an amazing job on this movie,delivering such a great movie with one of the most memorable endings i have seen in some time.Movie features a terrific cast,the child actors especially are fantastic in their roles.Huge praise for the A24 company for supporting talented Indie film makers to make movies that will put most of the hollywood movies to shame.